At The Management Recruitment Group we believe that high quality Freelance and Interim Managers have the same impact on team as permanent staff, so when it comes to Freelance and Interim appointments, we apply the same standards and rigour as we use for finding permanent staff.

We also believe that the world of work is changing. Employment is changing, as employers increasingly look for flexibility and innovation from a supply chain of individuals, outsourcing areas that more traditionally may have been approached in house.

Clients use our Freelance and Interim services when:

· An extra member of staff is needed at short notice

· A new project is being mobilised with little lead time

· A critical situation has arisen unexpectedly

· An organisation is undergoing change such as a start up or restructure

· Extra support is needed for a specific time period

· Permanent headcount cannot be increased

· A particular area of expertise is required

· Sickness or maternity cover

Freelance and Interim professionals bring many benefits with them:

· They hit the ground running

· They can start quickly with the minimum of hiring formalities

· They are cost effective – costs are variable and not fixed

· They help to keep permanent headcount down

· They offer flexibility in terms of hours, location and duties

Working on a Freelance or Interim basis is an attractive alternative to permanent employment for many as it offers:

· A variety of assignments

· Flexibility

· Freedom and choice of work

· The opportunity to learn new skills

· Additional experience to be gained

If you would like more information on the Services we offer , either as an employer or contractor, then please call one of our offices and speak to one of our Freelance and Interim Divisional Managers. Alternatively drop us a line at and we will come back to you.